Exported JDM Vehicles 2020

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Toyota Land Cruiser VX Limited
Exported on: 2020/12/31

JDM favorite Tough Rugged Diesel Lift up Mods Import Export Straight from Japan Dealer Auction

Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon Exceed
Exported on: 2020/12/29

Diesel Turbo 4wd Ralliart Tough Reliable JDM Buy today direct from Japan Dealer Auction Import Export

Nissan Elgrand Highway Star
Exported on: 2020/12/29

JDM Vans Big 8 Seater Good condition Automatic sliding doors Low cost Import today directly from auctions

Suzuki Cappuccino
Exported on: 2020/12/21

Low Cost JDM fun kei mini sports car 5MT Manual Easy process Import today Japan export

Daihatsu Atrai Cruise Limited
Exported on: 2020/12/17

Kei Mini Van Power steering Double Sunroof Low cost Low mileage

Nissan President Sovereign
Exported on: 2020/12/17

Japanese JDM luxury limousine 4500cc Sedan Import Export USA 25 year rule Directly from dealer auction

Toyota Toyoace
Exported on: 2020/12/17

JDM work truck Double rear wheels AC low kms mileage good condition Diesel 25 year rule USA

Toyota Hilux Surf 3.0 SSR-X
Exported on: 2020/12/16

3000cc 5MT AC Low mileage Turbo Diesel Good condition 4wd 25 year rule USA Import directly

Honda Beat
Exported on: 2020/12/16

Good condition Japanese JDM kei mini sports car Light weight 5MT AC 25 year old rule USA

Suzuki Carry
Exported on: 2020/12/15

Japan JDM kei mini truck Dump bed Diff lock Axle lock 25 year rule Import export low cost work truck

Mercedes Benz CL63 AMG
Exported on: 2020/12/14

European Luxury JDM LHD Good condition AT 6.2L Good deal Import Export direct from dealer auction

Isuzu Elf Fire Truck
Exported on: 2020/12/13

Low mileage MT Diesel 4wd 25 year rule USA import directly from dealer auction Japan JDM

Subaru Legacy GT
Exported on: 2020/12/13

JDM Good condition AT AC Aftermarket mods Low cost Import today Import from Japan direct from dealer auctions

Toyota Aristo V300 Vertex
Exported on: 2020/12/12

Good condition Good value 2JZGTE engine Twin turbo AC JDM Japan Import Export

Lexus IS350 Version L
Exported on: 2020/12/10

Japanese JDM luxury 3500cc AT AC good condition Purchase straight from auctions and have it delivered to your door

Nissan Stagea 25T RS FOUR S
Exported on: 2020/12/8

JDM fast station wagon 5MT aftermarket mods Turbo Easy to do imports Japanese auctions

Nissan Stagea 260 RS Autech version
Exported on: 2020/12/8

JDM super fast station wagon beast Good condition Aftermarket mods 2600cc LSD AWD 276hp

Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution 5
Exported on: 2020/12/5

JDM favorite Drift machine good condition mods 5MT Sunroof Buy today directly from auction with Japan Car Direct

Mercedes Benz CL63 AMG
Exported on: 2020/11/30

JDM European Luxury at low prices import export from dealer auctions Great condition

Daihatsu Hijet
Exported on: 2020/11/30

JDM 4wd Dump bed Kei Mini truck MT low mileage 25 years old USA import export auction climber diff lock

Toyota Hiace
Exported on: 2020/11/29

Japanese Diesel Van 3 row seats double sun roof 25 years old USA import directly auctions

Suzuki Jimny
Exported on: 2020/11/29

Intercooler Turbo 4wd Tough Reliable USA 25 years get yours through dealer auction JDM

Subaru Sambar Dias
Exported on: 2020/11/29

Low cost JDM Supercharger 4wd Kei van MT Double sunroof Import Export today

Mitsubishi Galant Lamda
Exported on: 2020/11/29

JDM Japan Classics MT AC purchase low cost from dealer auctions Import Export Buy Today

Nissan Caravan Coach Royal
Exported on: 2020/11/29

Extended Van JDM Import Export direct from dealer auction American Import rule Low price

Toyota Land Cruiser VX Limted
Exported on: 2020/11/28

Diesel Tough JDM 4wd custom parts modified 25 years old import export japan auctions

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
Exported on: 2020/11/28

5 speed MT AC Diesel 4WD Reliable JDM SUV in great condition American import rule

Toyota Lite Ace Truck
Exported on: 2020/11/25

JDM low cost work truck Low mileage Reliable 25 year rule import directly from Japan today

Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Exported on: 2020/11/23

Rally 4WD Good condition 6MT AC JDM Import Export Direct from auctions

Subaru Sambar Classic
Exported on: 2020/11/22

JDM 660cc Kei van 4wd 5MT AC Low cost 25 years American import rule Get direct from auctions

Lancia Delta Giallo Ginestra HF Integrale Evo 2
Exported on: 2020/11/19

JDM One of 220 Rare Get yours today direct from dealer auction Great condition Import Export

BMW 320i
Exported on: 2020/11/19

Great condition European brand for JDM Good value import export 25 years Direct to your door

Nissan Sylvia S15 Spec S
Exported on: 2020/11/19

Drift machine Good condition JDM Buy from dealer auctions directly Import Export

Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i
Exported on: 2020/11/18

Buy directly from the auctions Japan market great condition Easy to do import Low cost

BMW X4 28i M Sport
Exported on: 2020/11/15

JDM low mileage excellent condition European luxury import yours today directly from dealer auctions

Nissan Cube 15X
Exported on: 2020/11/14

Low mileage Good condition Fuel efficient and Low cost Import directly from auctions in Japan

Honda Acty
Exported on: 2020/10/31

mini kei truck from japan 25 year American import rule 4wd 5 MT AC diff lock

Mercedes Benz AMG E63
Exported on: 2020/10/31

JDM European luxury cars at Japanese dealer auctions in excellent condition for low prices

Daihatsu Atrai Van
Exported on: 2020/10/31

Import a gas friendly mini van from Japanese auctions thru the best JDM agents in the world

Toyota Vanette Truck
Exported on: 2020/10/31

100kg load work truck tough diesel import from Japan

Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear
Exported on: 2020/10/29

2.8 litre turbo diesel off road camping skiing boarding machine JDM van import export

Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione
Exported on: 2020/10/29

Rally car group B European jdm luxury collector car import direct from japan

Datsun Pickup (Doublecab)
Exported on: 2020/10/29

Datsun firetruck import from japan low cost excellent quality easy to do

Subaru Sambar Truck
Exported on: 2020/10/29

660cc rear mounted engine fully functional cab mini truck import from japan

Subaru Sambar Van
Exported on: 2020/10/27

660cc 4wd 5 speed MT JDM kei van great gas mileage

Toyota Coaster Bus
Exported on: 2020/10/19

Conversion camper low mileage excellent condition purchase from dealer auctions and import for low price

Subaru Sambar Dias
Exported on: 2020/10/14

Mini kei van classic for import export japan dealer auctions great value low price

Audi S4
Exported on: 2020/10/17

European luxury JDM cars in good condition at low prices exported imported to your door

Exported on: 2020/10/14

European luxury cars direct from japan JDM import export low price excellent condition

Mitsubishi Pajero
Exported on: 2020/10/14

JDM SUV tough off road machine purchase direct from dealer auctions and import

Nissan President JS Type S
Exported on: 2020/10/14/span>

Japanese luxury cars 25 year rule import to America USA dealer auctions low prices

Toyota Land Cruiser 80 VX Limited
Exported on: 2020/10/05

4WD Tough Durable JDM Front and rear diff lock diesel direct from dealer auctions import

Rover Mini Cooper
Exported on: 2020/10/05

JDM offers many Minis like this green beauty in mint condition classic import dealer auctions

Nissan Skyline HR34
Exported on: 2020/10/03

JDM heavy metal drift machine import under the 25 year rule to USA

Toyota Hi Ace (Fire Truck)
Exported on: 2020/09/30

4 door double cab turbo diesel engine 4wd heavy duty off road capable low kilometer mileage excellent condition

Mitsubishi Canter Dump Truck
Exported on: 2020/09/30

Heavy duty dump trucks win from Japanese dealer auctions great condition low price dependable

Suzuki Carry
Exported on: 2020/09/29/

Best kei truck in japan import mini truck to America 25 year rule export best quality

Toyota Mark II
Exported on: 2020/09/27

25 year rule cheap import to America usa classic Japanese muscle car race drift manual transmission

BMW 3 Series M35i Touring (Sports Package)
Exported on: 2020/09/26

European luxury cars station wagon at Japanese used vehicle dealer auctions excellent condition low mileage

Toyota Celsior (Lexus LS430)
Exported on: 2020/09/17

Cheap lexus Toyota luxury cars from Japanese dealer auctions excellent condition low mileage

Subaru Impreza RX STi
Exported on: 2020/09/14

GRB rally machine boxer engine great sound 6 speed manual transmission stock condition

Toyota Noah
Exported on: 2020/09/14

mini van micro bus people mover smooth ride large cargo area 7 or 8 seats

Suzuki Every Van
Exported on: 2020/09/07

Kei van car turbo 4wd manual transmission 5 speed fuel efficient great gas mileage recession proof

Toyota Supra
Exported on: 2020/09/7

6 speed 3 litre twin turbo rocket car excellent handling comfortable ride price going up

Mitsubishi Pajero Mini
Exported on: 2020/09/03

Kei car suv 4wd great clearance climb anything manual transmission rear diff lock gas engine 660cc

Toyota Caldina GT-Four
Exported on: 2020/09/02

Practical family car automatic transmission gasoline engine quiet ride good dependability

Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Exported on: 2020/09/02

Rally champion import to UK cheap from Japanese dealer auctions low mileage great condition

Honda Acty
Exported on: 2020/09/02

Mini truck kei key durable 4wd manual transmission 350km load diff lock excellent gas mileage mpg

Toyota Hiace Wagon
Exported on: 2020/09/02

Mini van camper people mover gasoline engine automatic transmission usa import 25 year old rule

Toyota Landcruiser (Firetruck)
Exported on: 2020/09/02

FJ75 four door cab diesel turbo engine best suv lowest price great condition

Honda Beat
Exported on: 2020/09/01

Kei turbo car manual 5 speed transmission fun to drive great gas mileage

Nissan Figaro
Exported on: 2020/09/01

Retro 1000cc turbo engine classic Japanese limited edition quirky car

Mitsubishi RVR Sports Gear
Exported on: 2020/08/31

USA America American import 25 year rule JDM import JDC export professionals easy auction great value

Suzuki Carry
Exported on: 2020/08/29

Kei truck mini micro work horse 5 speed manual transmission 4WD air conditioning lift dump cheap dealer auction

BMW X1 sDrive 18i Highline Package
Exported on: 2020/08/29

European luxury cars available in japan in excellent condition with low mileage discounted prices

Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Exported on: 2020/08/23

Rally champion 6 speed manual gearbox AWD 2000cc turbo charged boxer engine Colin McRae

Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Exported on: 2020/08/22

Rally car supreme excellent boxer turbo engine low grumble power 300hp easily modified fast

Toyota Landcruiser Prado SX Wide
Exported on: 2020/08/22

Best suv in the world turbo diesel heavy duty 5 speed manual transmission 25 year rule USA import

Mazda CX-5 XD
Exported on: 2020/08/22

New Zealand import jdm export excellent service low prices autohub freight insurance quarantine

Toyota Landcruiser VX Limited G Selection
Exported on: 2020/08/18

Automatic transmission gasoline 4,700CC engine air bags power steering windows sun roof VSC TRC height control

Subaru Forester STi Version
Exported on: 2020/08/18

2000cc turbo boxer engine estate car to take the kids to school and blast thru the country side

Isuzu MU XS
Exported on: 2020/08/18

AWD 4WD all terrain off road excellent SUV camping skiing hiking JDM excellent vehicle 25 year old import

Toyota Mark II Tourer V
Exported on: 2020/08/16

Coolest drift car weight distribution 50:50 5 speed 2500CC turbo engine 25 year rule USA import export professionals JCD

Nissan Skyline 25GT
Exported on: 2020/08/08

Power vehicles sports cars horse power 5 speed AWD manual transmission jdm USA export import after market parts mods

Honda CR-V
Exported on: 2020/08/08

JDM SUX 5 door AWD off road low cost dealer auction AT AC great gas mileage

Toyota Voxy Z5
Exported on: 2020/08/03

Excellent people mover remote side doors rear camera tv navi good gas mileage 7 or 8 seater

Suzuki Alto Works
Exported on: 2020/08/03

Kei turbo sports car mini micro 660cc engine 5 speed transmission 58hp 25 year rule America import

Toyota Celsior (Lexus LS 430)
Exported on: 2020/07/30

Import 25 year old Lexus at low price under Toyota brand names low mileage excellent condition

Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec
Exported on: 2020/07/30

BCNR33 Godzilla import JDM best cars from Japan export professionals JCD 25 year rule dealer auctions

Toyota Prius Touring Selection
Exported on: 2020/07/29

Toyota hybrid quality New Zealand NZ import thru Autohub JCD partner import export

Subaru Sambar
Exported on: 2020/07/28

Toyota Prius Touring Selection

Susuki Carry
Exported on: 2020/07/28

Mini truck work horse farm ranch legal in America import export professionals drive your dreams

Toyota Estima
Exported on: 2020/07/19

Luxury van comfort quiet powerful smooth best quality win at Japanese dealer auctions

Mazda Bongo Wagon
Exported on: 2020/07/19

4wd 5 speed manual transmission gasoline engine low mileage excellent condition 25 year old vehicle usa import rule camper

Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series
Exported on: 2020/07/18

Best SUV in the world 4200CC diesel turbo engine 4wd 5 speed manual transmission 25year import rule

Toyota Hiace Wagon Super Custom Limited
Exported on: 2020/07/19

Camping Car Camper turbo diesel engine 25 year import rule USA 4wd manual transmission

Rover Mini 99XA
Exported on: 2020/07/19

European JDM excellent condition low price win at dealer auction bidding import export

Honda Acty Mini Truck
Exported on: 2020/07/19

Kei trucks turbo cars excellent gas mileage durable recession beater 4wd rear diff lock 5 speed transmission A/C

Isuzu Elf Camper
Exported on: 2020/07/17

Camping car A/C toilet shower table sleeps 6 excellent condition low mileage dealer auction

Subaru Domingo
Exported on: 2020/07/09

Kei mini van camping car camper 4wd 5 speed A/C gas 660cc engine excellent mileage

Subaru Sambar (Fire Truck)
Exported on: 2020/07/06

4wd 5 speed kei fire truck best condition lowest mileage fully functional

Toyota Dyna Dump Truck
Exported on: 2020/07/06

Heavy duty dump trucks for sale import export japan dealer auctions low prices

Nissan Fairlady Z
Exported on: 2020/07/06

3500CC 6 speed twin turbo horsepower race low price mileage auction win

Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear Chamonix
Exported on: 2020/07/06

4wd offroad camping automatic transmission low price high quality

Honda Atrai Mini Van
Exported on: 2020/07/03

Kei trucks vans super charged turbo camping 4wd 5 speed manual transmission excellent gas mileage

Subaru Impreza STi Spec C RA
Exported on: 2020/07/02

Rally perfection power balance grip race 0-60mph turbo charged Subaru boxer engine

Toyota Chaser Tour V
Exported on: 2020/07/02

JZX100 Big daddy drift car twin turbo 2500cc gas engine easy to modify best quality

Nissan Note
Exported on: 2020/07/02

Import New Zealand Australia electric hybrid new model cars low price excellent condition

Mitsubishi Delica Van
Exported on: 2020/06/30

4wd diesel turbo engine camper conversion off road go anywhere 25 year rule America import

Toyota Supra Aero Top
Exported on: 2020/06/30

3000cc twin turbo rocket GTE aftermarket muffler HID lights JDM win at auction be happy

Toyota Sera
Exported on: 2020/06/30

Butterfly doors cool jdm sporty great handling quick dealer auctions grade 4 3.5 B low price

Nissan Fairlady Z
Exported on: 2020/06/30

Jdm porn sports car race 6 speed twin turbo Japanese dealer auctions import export professional

Suzuki Carry
Exported on: 2020/06/30

25 years old 5 speed manual transmission 4B auction grade no rust low mileage excellent gas mileage

Subaru Impreza WRX STi Spec C
Exported on: 2020/06/30

Hatchback turbo rally champion horse power handling 6 speed manual transmission

Toyota Landcruiser Prado Wagon SX
Exported on: 2020/06/30

Toughest 4x4 SUV 3 door diesel turbo manual transmission best quality lowest price

Nissan Figaro
Exported on: 2020/06/29

1000cc turbo engine retro style AC classic jdm import export professional service

Daihatsu Hijet Mini Truck
Exported on: 2020/06/29

Kei truck rear diff lock 5 speed manual transmission AC Climber go anywhere 4wd

Subaru Dias Classic Mini Van
Exported on: 2020/06/29

Best cute Japanese jdm kei van excellent gas mileage 25 year rule USA America

Delica Truck Camper
Exported on: 2020/06/28

Japanese campers make sense affordable low mileage excellent condition Armageddon machines

Subaru Impreza STi S206
Exported on: 2020/06/27

Super rally race car 6 speed turbo fast jdm limited edition only 300 made

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
Exported on: 2020/06/27

The dark side excellent rally sports car jdm car porn win at the dealer auction import RORO

Suzuki Cappuccino
Exported on: 2020/06/15

Turbo kei car fun to drive low mileage excellent gas mileage jdm dealer auction win

Nissan Laurel Medalist
Exported on: 2020/06/15

5 speed aftermarket intercooler turbo coil overs exhaust big power heavy drift machine

Mercedes Benz AMG 300TE 3.2-2V
Exported on: 2020/06/15

European luxury sedan cars jdm Japanese market best condition lowest mileage well maintained

Nissan Skyline GTS Type M
Exported on: 2020/06/15

Classic jdm muscle car low price easy to import japan car direct professional service

Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo SV
Exported on: 2020/06/12

Big boy luxury jdm drift machine lay down rubber and smoke go crazy sideways import export

Mercedes Benz AMG 3.4
Exported on: 2020/06/12

JDM European excellent cars low mileage maintenance shaken import under the 25 year rule

Mercedes Benz AMG E36 Station Wagon
Exported on: 2020/06/12

Luxury European cars at low prices Japanese dealer auctions import RORO

Subaru Legacy GT Touring Wagon
Exported on: 2020/06/10

AWD jdm machine direct from dealer auction import now

BMW 3 Series
Exported on: 2020/05/30

European jdm luxury sedan manual transmission sporty comfort

Hiace Wagon Super Custom
Exported on: 2020/05/29

camper van jdm diesel turbo manual transmission good clearance low price great condition

Toyota Hilux Surf
Exported on: 2020/05/29

Land cruiser chassis suv off road excellence tough dependable Toyota best

Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear Super Exceed
Exported on: 2020/05/29

JDM camper off road machine turbo diesel engine manual transmission rear diff lock winch

Honda Act Mini Truck
Exported on: 2020/05/29

4wd diff lock 5 speed manual transmission kei mini truck ac mpg excellent

Suzuki Carry
Exported on: 2020/05/20

Mini kei truck 660cc engine excellent mileage bullet proof engine import now

Exported on: 2020/05/19

JDM European luxury sports cars cheap excellent condition low mileage

JDM European luxury sports cars cheap excellent condition low mileage

Nissan Skyline GTR V Spec
Exported on: 2020/05/19

JDM super car Godzilla modified horse power race champion

Nissan Alphard
Exported on: 2020/05/19

JDM van luxury rear camera 7 seater captain chairs spacious

Nissan Skyline GT
Exported on: 2020/05/19

JDM awesome cars at Japanese dealer auctions great condition low mileage reasonable price for sale

Nissan Leaf
Exported on: 2020/05/18

Electric car battery life charge how many km hours cost station

Nissan X-Trail
Exported on: 2020/05/17

Luxury SUV excellent condition low mileage JDM RHD FAT AAC 4 auction grade

BMW 3 Series 320i
Exported on: 2020/05/16

European luxury jdm vehicles sedans manual transmission m3 bmw

Nissan Safari
Exported on: 2020/05/16

Awesome SUV JDM Japanese dealer auctions export import 25 year rule America USA

Toyota Hiace Camper
Exported on: 2020/05/15

Home away from home covid corona camper import from japan low price excellent condition

Honda Beat
Exported on: 2020/05/15

Kei turbo sports car 660cc engine blast around town

Ford Explorer
Exported on: 2020/04/30

American cars in Japan dealer auctions low prices freight inland transport fees quality JDM

Honda Street
Exported on: 2020/04/28

Mini Van kei vehicle great gas mileage sleeps two JDM wonderful vehicle

Mercedes SL55 AMG
Exported on: 2020/04/21

Excellent import export vehicles European JDM luxury top end cars Japanese dealer auctions

Toyota Crown Hybrid
Exported on: 2020/04/20

Luxury JDM hybrid sedan class smooth quiet ride Japanese dealer auctions import export pros

Nissan Skyline GTR
Exported on: 2020/04/18

The beast best bang for your buck super car low price jdm import export professional service

Toyota Landcruiser VX
Exported on: 2020/04/16

Best SUV in the world manual transmission 5 speed rear differential 25 year import rule USA

Mazda RX7
Exported on: 2020/04/04

Rotary engine magic fast jdm sports drift car excellent condition low price

Rover Mini Cooper
Exported on: 2020/04/04

Classic European cars in excellent condition with low miles reasonable price import export

Mercedes Benz 560SEL
Exported on: 2020/03/31

4g tronic automatic transmission german luxury sedan 25 year import rule America usa

Toyota Townace Wagon Royal Lounge
Exported on: 2020/03/31

Camper turbo diesel engine 5 speed manual transmission 4wd off road van

Mazda RX-7
Exported on: 2020/03/31

FD3S 25 year rule import to USA America dream car great condition low mileage 6 speed turbo

Honda Street
Exported on: 2020/03/31

Mini van kei convenience great gas mileage good resale value 4wd manual transmission

Suzuki Cara (Mazda Autozam AZ-1)
Exported on: 2020/03/30

Performance kei sports cars 657cc turbocharged engine 5 speed manual transmission 64 horsepower

Subaru Forester
Exported on: 2020/03/30

Low mileage price discount cheap japanese dealer auction bid to win

Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon Exceed
Exported on: 2020/03/29

7 person 5 speed manual transmission AC diesel turbo diesel engine

Suzuki Carry
Exported on: 2020/03/29

Cute kei truck 660cc gasoline engine farm landscape ranch hunting USA 25 year rule

Nissan Skyline GTR
Exported on: 2020/03/16

Godzilla super car low price Japanese dealer auction JDM performance vehicles import export

Toyota Liteace Wagon
Exported on: 2020/03/16

4wd diesel turbo camping car excellent condition low mileage Japanese import export professionals jdm

Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione II
Exported on: 2020/03/16

Greatest hatchback ever made European sports rally WRC championship AWD flared fenders 215hp Italian exotic

Toyota Landcruiser LX
Exported on: 2020/03/16

Excellent condition low mileage 4wd suv power performance import export japan

Toyota MR2 GT Turbo
Exported on: 2020/03/16

Jdm performance sports cars for sale at cheap prices and import to America is possible

Toyota Lancruiser Prado TX
Exported on: 2020/16/xx

Excellent off road performance SUV Japanese jdm import low price dealer auctions

Toyota Landcruiser 70
Exported on: 2020/03/14

SUV off road performance durable best 4wd vehicle 25 year rule import export USA

Exported on: 2020/03/14

luxury german sports sedan low price mileage best condition jdm European cars

Toyota Blizzard
Exported on: 2020/03/14

Off road excellent suv import export Japanese jdm cars cheap discount dealer auctions

Audi RS6 Avant
Exported on: 2020/03/11

European JDM luxury cars available at Japanese auctions for low prices in excellent condition

Nissan Skyline GTR 32
Exported on: 2020/02/29

JDM performance cars discount low price excellent condition

Mitsubishi Pajero Mini
Exported on: 2020/02/29

4wd 5 speed kei car japan

Toyota Landcruiser Prado SX Wide
Exported on: 2020/02/28

SUV import export from japan

Toyota Celsior
Exported on: 2020/02/28

Lexus Toyota luxury jdm car for sale

Daihatsu (Toyota) Hijet
Exported on: 2020/02/28

4x4 5speed hi low mini kei truck ac cheap 25 year rule

Mitsubishi Delica GLX
Exported on: 2020/02/28

Off road van 4wd camper diesel turbo engine

Nissan Atlas Camper
Exported on: 2020/02/27

Get campers from japan JDM fully equiped

Subaru Forester STi II
Exported on: 2020/02/26

Low price performance jdm cars

Suzuki Jimny Van DX
Exported on: 2020/02/25

Heavy duty kei suv 4x4 5speed JDM 25 year rule DIY import

Honda Act Van
Exported on: 2020/02/20

Kei mini van great mileage 4wd japan car direct import export

Toyota Hiace Wagon Super Custom
Exported on: 2020/02/20

#1 van in the world best condition lowest mileage jdm vehicles

Mercedes Benz SLC
Exported on: 2020/02/14

Classic cars performance condition maintenance well maintained low mileage

Toyota Crown Super Selection Extra
Exported on: 2020/02/13

Luxury JDM cars low price excellent condition

Toyota Landcruiser Prado EX
Exported on: 2020/02/12

5 door suv diesel turbo engine most dependable low price excellent condition

Ferrari 412
Exported on: 2020/02/12

European cars in japan for sale used luxury jdm low price great condition

Exported on: 2020/02/12

Jdm european performance cars low price well maintained softly driven

Exported on: 2020/02/12

Performance european jdm cars from japan import export best quality service

Toyota Hiace Wagon
Exported on: 2020/02/09

JDM Japanese quality endurance reliability 4x4 turbo diesel engine

Toyota Landcruiser Prado
Exported on: 2020/01/30

Super clean low mileage suv #1 in the world japan car direct best service

Nissan Silvia PS13 K’s
Exported on: 2020/02/09

King of the drift track 50/50 weight distribution turbo engine go sideways

Porsche 911 SC
Exported on: 2020/02/07

Classic perfection jdm European performance cars

Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione II Limited Edition Giallo 1/220
Exported on: 2020/01/30

European JDM performance sports cars excellent condition low mileage Italian

Daihatsu Rugger SE
Exported on: 2020/01/30

4WD off road 3 door SUV diesel gasoline great condition low mileage 25 year rule UCA Canada America

Nissan Rasheen Type 2
Exported on: 2020/01/30

4WD unique quirky jdm cars import Japanese from japan export professionals help

Suzuki Alto Works
Exported on: 2020/01/30

Pocket rocket kei k kay turbo car mini special sporty low mileage great condition import export Japan

Honda Beat
Exported on: 2020/01/30

Turbo mini kei cars JDM japan power pocket rocket 25 year rule USA America

Pajero Mini VR II
Exported on: 2020/01/30

turbo engine 4wd diff lock manual transmission excellent condition JDM mini

Suzuki Carry
Exported on: 2020/01/30

Mini truck parts replacement service excellent mileage gasoline petrol 4wd rear diff lock folding gates AC manual 5 speed transmission

Exported on: 2020/01/30

European luxury performance cars JDM LHD RHD japan import export professional

Rover Mini
Exported on: 2020/01/25

XN12A manual transmission UK Canada USA America import export JDM european

Land Cruiser Firetruck
Exported on: 2020/01/25

Low price mileage discount firetruck great condition import export japan jdm

Daihatsu Hijet
Exported on: 2020/01/18

Kei truck mini excellent gas mileage JDM work horse 4WD AC Dif lock heater power steering

Hiace Wagon Super Custom 3 Moon Roof
Exported on: 2020/01/18

diesel turbo engine 4WD camping car JDM best value discount great deal
  • It was my first time buying a car online, let alone overseas. These guys are legit!!!
    Yoshi has been very patient, transparent and prompt with all queries. The car was exactly...
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    Bobby Capa Avatar
    Bobby Capa

    So…. I have just ordered my second car from Yoshiro Nakajima at Japan Car Direct. Keep in mind my first car has only just gotten to the port,...
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    Alpesh Patel Avatar
    Alpesh Patel

    Great service. This was my first time importing a car from Japan. Everything was well explained and the whole process went very smooth. Would highly recommend!! Thank you Yoshi!

    John Power Avatar
    John Power
  • Importing through Japan Car Direct has been a great experience through and through. Their assistance in the auction and bidding process and arranging shipping is top notch. More importantly their... read more

    Peter Hagemeyer Avatar
    Peter Hagemeyer

    Awesome experience working with Taylor, he was extremely helpful and patience. It was my first time exporting a vehicle and he walked me through step by step and didn't... read more

    Eric Southerland Avatar
    Eric Southerland

    Japan Car Direct made buying a car from Japan dangerously easy. 🙂 Yoshiro was a great help. He was responsive and supportive through the whole process. They have... read more

    Tim Meunier Avatar
    Tim Meunier
  • I had an excellent experience working with Matthew at Japan Car Direct. I was a first time auction buyer and importer to the United States. Mathew walked me through... read more

    Alex Spiegel Avatar
    Alex Spiegel

    A great experience for my first time importing a car from Japan. Mike’s customer service was second to none and all the paperwork was in order.

    Bobby Crumpley Avatar
    Bobby Crumpley

    Matthew at JCD is the man. I’ve now imported three of my own cars through him. JCD was able to accommodate my unique needs, everything from short turn around inspections,... read more

    Chan Shin Avatar
    Chan Shin
  • I highly recommend Japan Car Direct. They help you find exactly what you are looking for and are with you throughout the entire process. Import was seamless. Mike was great... read more

    Sir Selrahc Avatar
    Sir Selrahc

    Before this I have never imported any vehicles to NZ let alone one from Japan! I decided to give these guys a shot and bought a JDM Tesla into the... read more

    Edward Yuan Avatar
    Edward Yuan

    Great experience. Extremely easy process and Kept me well informed. Highly recommend them if looking to purchase a vehicle from Japan.

    Antonio Sevilla Avatar
    Antonio Sevilla
  • It's hard to say anything that hasn't been said from other reviewers! This was my first experience importing a vehicle. Mike Nguyen was super patient with me and my indecisiveness.... read more

    Law_of_the Za Avatar
    Law_of_the Za

    I used Japan Car Direct's services to import a Nissan Silvia from Japan to Australia. Mike was very helpful from start to finish and definitely made the process stress free.

    read more

    matthew martin Avatar
    matthew martin

    Just picked up my car that I bought through JCD. I was a complete newbie about buying a car overseas and Mathew was kind enough to basically hold my... read more

    TK Mad Avatar
    TK Mad
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